Date(s) - March 9, 2011
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Ayurveda has been treating stress as the cause of disease for 5000 years.  To permanently control your mood and weight, we must convince your cells that your life is not an emergency.  When under stress we all store fat.  The most dangerous cancer causing toxins are fat soluble and can store in your fat cells for more than 20 years.  In the name of survival, stress also produces molecules of emotion that are stored in the fat cells, which remotely make us act out the same behaviors and eat the same comfort foods over and over again.  To release the toxic chemicals and toxic emotions from the fat cells we must reset the body’s ability to burn stored fat as a major source of fuel.  Based on his book The 3-Season Diet, Dr. John Douillard offers an effortless and permanent “diet-free” solution to the treatment of weight gain, fatigue and cravings. Learn simple and profound Ayurvedic tools to help restore mental, emotional and physical balance and optimal health.

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