Date(s) - September 6, 2014
12:00 am


Fukushima & Beyond: Research on Herbs for Protection from Radiation

with David Crow of Floracopeia
Saturday, September 6th from 10am until 12:30pm

This class examines botanical species that are being studied for their protective effects against radiation. The first section will review the radioactive elements and types of radiation, where they are coming from, how they accumulate in the environment and the body, and how they threaten health. The second section will examine the various radio-protective mechanisms through which plant-based medicines may work, including activation of antioxidant defenses, prevention of hepatotoxicity, anti-inflammatory processes, detoxification pathways, anti-mutagenic and immune-modulatory actions. The third section will review radio-protective properties of common herbs such as ginger, turmeric, aloe, neem and milk thistle, as well as lesser-known species being researched such as Adhatoda vasica, Piper longum, and Boerhaavia diffusa.

A brief review of relevant literature on the increasing levels of environmental radiation reveals ample reason for developing and implementing a comprehensive regimen of botanical preparations for supporting health; for clinicians, this knowledge can also be applied to patients who are going through medical radiotherapy.

Bulk herbs and herbal formulas will be available for purchase at the event and at Gathering Thyme.

David Crow is an acupuncturist and herbalist with over thirty years experience. He is the author of “In Search of the Medicine Buddha,” a book about his studies of Tibetan and Ayurvedic medicine in the Himalayas. He is the founder of Floracopeia, Inc., a company that supports ecologically sustainable agriculture through the production of essential oils and aromatic treasures. Through writing, teaching, and activism, he is promoting the creation of a grassroots healthcare system. For more information about his work, please visit:

COST: $35 – pre-registration required as class is held off-site.

WHEN: Saturday, September 6th from 10am until 12:30pm

CONTACT: For more information, contact Cheryl at Gathering Thyme or 415-524-8693.

WHERE: Location to be provided upon registration

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