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Farm to Pharmacy is an innovative internship program that takes place at Goldthread Herb Farm and Apothecary in the foothills of the Berkshires in western Massachusetts. The internship is a unique educational opportunity that exposes students to the full spectrum of herbal medicine, from cultivation of plants to their use in clinical practice, with an emphasis on creating a sustainable, non-toxic, and cost-effective community-based healthcare system.
In response to rapidly growing interest, we have crafted an abbreviated version of the longer Farm to Pharmacy program that teaches all of the fundamentals of our seven-month program in three five-day intensives offered throughout the growing season. The Farm to Pharmacy intensive-immersion programhas been designed to offer people that live outside the community the opportunity to participate in this hands-on model of grassroots herbal healthcare in an intensive format. Participants will divide their time between supervised work with the herbs on the farm and classroom presentations designed to teach the most important material from the seven-month program.

The objective of the Farm to Pharmacy intensive-immersion program is to provide participants with the practical skills, medical knowledge and confidence to integrate herbal medicine into the lives of their families and communities according to their personal aspirations.

Co-taught by William Siff and David Crow at Goldthread Farm in Conway, MA and Goldthread Apothecary in Florence, MA.

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Join William Siff and David Crow at the Goldthread Herb Farm in beautiful Northampton, MA for a week long intensive in the principles of cultivating, harvesting, preparing and administering fresh local medicinal plants.

This one week intensive hands on training is the first in a series of seasonal programs designed to replicate the revolutionary Farm to Pharmacy model of grassroots healthcare using medicinal plants cultivated, produced and distributed through local Community Supported Agriculture.

Farm to Pharmacy Intensive Immersion Syllabus

Following the cycle of a typical farming year in New England, the Farm to Pharmacy intensives are held in the spring, summer and fall with the intention to provide students learning opportunities that follow the seasonal rhythms.

Taken as a complete series the curriculum offers a sequential progression of training experiences; at the same time each module is a complete program that contains all the core elements of the entire series.

The three seasonal modules will be co-taught by William Siff, L.Ac. and David Crow, L.Ac. Each module will include both hands-on and academic components, including:

• Detailed information on the propagation, harvesting and processing techniques of twenty-five to thirty major herbs growing at the farm
• Botanical characteristics, medicinal properties, and therapeutic uses and effects of those herbs
• Daily herb walks and plant identification in the gardens
• Easy ways to integrate herbs into the diet and daily routines for increased health and immunity
• Specific remedies for common ailments
• Contemplative and experiential approaches to studying herbal medicines and their effects
• Preparing tinctures, syrups, teas, salves, elixirs, and oils from freshly harvested herbs
• Distillation of essential oils and hydrosols over a wood fired still
• Using locally produced essential oils and hydrosols
• Introduction to Chinese, Ayurvedic, and Western herbal theories
• Replicating the Farm to Pharmacy model in other communities
• Integrating medicinal plants into local CSA’s

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