Date(s) - June 8, 2011 - June 22, 2011
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Spiritual Beliefs and Practices in Indigenous Agriculture
When: Two Wednesdays, June 8th & 22nd, 2011, 6pm PST
Where: The MedicineCrow Webcast Page

From the Chinese fertility rites practiced in the cult of Shen Nung to the Vedic fire ceremonies for abundant crops, ceremony, magic and festivities have woven the cycles of life, the cycles of the seasons and the cycles of plant growth into a sacred fabric.

From the development of food crops in the Incan empire to the garden systems of ancient Hawaiians, vast and deep knowledge of plants has been an integral part of human history that has left a rich legacy of art, song, myth and ethnobotanical wisdom. From the traditions of preparing the soil to methods of planting to the techniques of harvesting, spiritual beliefs and practices have been the basis of agriculture since humanity first began planting seeds.

What were these beliefs and practices? What role and function did they play in their cultures? What insights and mystical views were they based on, and what effects and powers did they have?

Join us for an in-depth lecture and guided photo journey around the world and through time to discover and remember what may be one of the most crucial dimensions of our relationship with the natural world that has disappeared from modern life, at our own loss and peril.

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