2012 End Of The Year Message From David Crow

Dear Friends:

Without a doubt, those of us at Floracopeia will remember 2012 as an extraordinary time, the year that our little company truly blossomed.

To say that a lot happened would be a great understatement. But there was far more than just the activities of work and business: it was a year filled with discoveries of spectacular new aromatic treasures, a vast constellation of educational presentations that touched the lives of tens of thousands of people, and landmarks of company and personal growth too numerous to mention.

It is also impossible to overstate how grateful I am to the expanding team of dedicated people who use their mental and physical energies day after day to make this complex entity not just run smoothly, but to produce an ever-expanding list of miracles.

I have expressed my appreciation to everyone throughout the year in many ways but somehow it seems that words do not adequately convey what I perceive: the accomplishments of 2012 have been created only minimally by my efforts, and primarily by others who are sharing the vision that Floracopeia represents. We often face many challenges and obstacles, and yet somehow in the midst of it all the strong current of creativity, inspiration and even enjoyment has continued to flow.

I can think of no better way to articulate what I feel about what the team at Floracopeia has created over the last twelve months than to actually show everyone in a simple way that conveys the magnitude of this collective feat of manifestation. And so, I present to you a visual calendar of what we all did, together.

Before starting, I would like to acknowledge those who are responsible for this impressive collection of deeds.

First, to you, our customers, clients, students and supporters, a heartfelt thank you, for without you none of this would be possible. This includes all the generous and illustrious teachers and writers who have contributed so many hours of world-class lectures and pages of fine educational writing: thank you to all of you.

My sincerest thanks to everyone at the Floracopeia office who have given so much, and hopefully have gained even more: Jai Dev Singh, Taya Malakian, Wendy Johnson, Ricardo Rico, Meghan Archer, Mojohito and Heatherlee Richerson von Tchudi, Linda Wheeler, Nicole Ellsworth, and Conor Nolan-Finkel. A special thank you to Krista Holland for her help with Floracopeia Retreats and to the staff at the Shady Creek Retreat Center for making each event so special.

To our financial wizards, Penny Lane and Bruce Schnitzer, goes my highest respect and thanks for their knowledge, wisdom, patience and ability to guide us through complex times and places.

To Mary Jo, Doug and Dustin Hays at M&D, many thanks for doing the superhuman work of bottling, labeling and shipping a million fragile pieces of fragrant merchandise, every day and on time.

To the far-flung individuals and groups who do more things than I want to know in the mysterious realms of websites, computers, Google analytics and countless other responsibilities: thank you from all of us.

Finally, to my wife, Sara Crow, I would like to say thank you for your inseparable companionship, hard work, enduring patience and profound love throughout all our demanding travels and events, and for all the healing floral magic that you are creating for Floracopeia

Now, here is our year. You will find that each item is a link that can take you to that event, if you so desire.

I begin with a little personal indulgence, by starting not on January 1st, but on December 21st of 2011, a date I remember as a particularly enchanted evening that became one of my favorite poetic pieces of writing.


David Crow


Dec 21, 2011: David posts Listening to the Heart




Jan 18: Sara posts article Dew



Jan 11: Medicinecrow webcast with David King and Julie Mann: The Learning Garden


Jan 15: International publication of Spanish language In Search of the Medicine Buddha


Jan 25: Medicinecrow webcast with Nate Summers:  

Tea as Medicine


Feb 8: Medicinecrow webcast with Jim Gerritsen: Organic Seed Growers VS Monsanto


Feb 10 – March 25: David and Sara leave for the Ecuador Palo Santo Tour

Feb 14: Valentine’s webcast with Kris Wrede


Feb 22: Medicinecrow webcast with Rod Birney, MD: Civilization in Transition


March 8: Judy Godec Aromatherapy Secrets for Eternally Flawless Skin Course is Launched


March 21: Medicinecrow webcast with KP Khalsa: Good Sleep, Great Energy


March 26: Floracopeia webcast with David: Palo Santo, The Tree of Life


March 29: David in San Anselmo, CA: Farm to Pharmacy & Contemplative Aromatherapy

April 1: Floracopeia moves to new world headquarters

431 Crown Point Cir #100, Grass Valley, Ca 95945


April 4: Medicinecrow Radio with Richo Cech and Moleen Madziva

April 4 – 6 David at Bastyr University


April 6 – 8: David in Snoqualmie Valley, WA: Emerald Rivers & The Herbal Pharmacy


April 13 – 15: David in Victoria, BC: Pharmacy of Flowers & Contemplative Aromatherapy


April 17: David at Vashon Island, WA: Contemplative Aromatherapy


April 18: Medicinecrow webcast with Feather Jones: Desert Botanicals


April 19 – 23: David is keynote speaker at NAMA conference, Bellevue, WA: Ayurveda, the Global Language


April 24: Nate Summers posts Nettle: Milarepa’s Special Medicine




April 25: David releases Hua Lu; Using Essential Oils According to Traditional Chinese Medicine




April 26: David in Missoula, MT: The Medicinal Uses of Essential Oils


April 27 – 29: David in Sun Valley, ID: Pharmacy of Flowers and Contemplative Aromatherapy



April 28: Floracopeia launches Chandra Collection of Women’s Infused Perfume




May 1: Meghan returns to Floracopeia after maternity leave (with daughter Liv)





May 2 – 6: Jai Dev presents the first Life Force Formula Retreat, a groundbreaking and innovative integration of Kundalini Yoga and Ayurveda; Nevada City, CA





May 3: David presents Emerald Rivers poetry reading at Life Force Formula Retreat




May 10 – June 7: David and Sara go on Mediterranean tour





May 22: Floracopeia launches Ayurveda Skin Care and Facial Collectionformulated by Dr. John Douillard




May 23: Medicinecrow webcast with Prashanti de Jager: Medical Cannabis





June 6: Medicinecrow Radio: Interview with Eric Horstman


June 6: Floracopeia launches Surya Collection of Masculine Botanical Fragrances






June 6: Floracopeia launches Ayurveda Massage Oils Collection,formulated by Sarada Von Sonn




June 10: Nicole Ellsworth joins Floracopeia team as a Customer Service Specialist





June 20: Medicinecrow Webcast with Dr. Helen Caldicott




June 22 – 24: David and Floracopeia at the Greenlife Eco Fest




June 27: Floracopeia webcast with David: The Elixir of Immortelle





June 30 – July 1: David in Encinitas, CA: Sacred Scents & The Medicinal Uses of Essential Oils


July 6 – 8: David in Madrid, NM: The Medicinal Uses of Essential Oils & Contemplative Aromatherapy



July 11: David in Denver, CO: A Contemplative Approach to Ayurveda





July 13 – 15: David in Fort Collins, CO: Contemplative Aromatherapy & Building Immunity With Essential Oils


July 16 – 20: Sara in Crested Butte, CO; making flower essences


July 21: David in Albuquerque, NM: Hua Lu, Using Essential Oils According to Traditional Chinese Medicine



July 23: Jai Dev launches Radiant Body Home Study Course, a complementary course to The Complete Course of Ayurveda.






July 25: Floracopeia webcast with Sara: Flower Essences For a Shifting Planet





Aug 4: David gives graduation talk at California College of Ayurveda


Aug 10: Floracopeia launches the Corsica Collection



Aug 22: Medicinecrow webcast with Arun Deva: Prana, Tejas and Ojas






Aug. 29: Floracopeia webcast with David: The Exceptional Healing Powers of the Corsican Essential Oils





Sept 15: Floracopeia launches high altitude wild-harvested French lavender oil


Sept 17: Nate Summers posts Stalking the Wild Goji on Medicinecrow






Sept 19 – 23: Jai Dev presents the second Life Force Formula Retreat, Nevada City, CA






Sept 22: Floracopeia launches high altitude wild-harvested Corsican Helichrysum Essential Oil


Sept 22 – 29: William Siff and David at Farm to Pharmacy, Goldthread Farm, Conway, MA


Sept 30: David at New York Open Center, NYC: The Medicinal Uses of Essential Oils


Oct 5 – 7: David in Sag Harbor, NY: The Medicinal Uses of Essential Oils and Sacred Scents


Oct 6: Floracopeia launches Nectar of Immortelle Facial Serum



Oct 8 – 10: David in Saratoga Springs, NY

Oct 12 – 14: David in Chapel Hill, NC: Hua Lu; Using Essential Oils According to Traditional Chinese Medicine

Oct 13- Heatherlee, the wife of Mojohito of Medicine Crow, joins the Floracopeia team.


Oct 7 – 21: Foundations Course Live Retreat, with Jade Shutes and David; Prama Institute, Marshall, NC


Oct 20: Sara launches FlorAlchemy Flower Essence Tinctures


Nov 2: Floracopeia launches KP Khalsa course, Complete Health Home Herbalism Course


Nov 4: First Floracopeia company retreat, Nevada City, CA


Nov 16 – 18: David in Tustin, CA: Aromatherapy Through the Lens of Ayurveda

Nov 23: Floracopeia launches Essence of the Season Celebration– An Online Holiday Event sharing videos, articles and inspirations on Aromatherapy and Essential Oil Use. 


Dec 4: Floracopeia launches new addition to Raj Collection: Lilac CO2 Botanical Perfume


Dec 6: Publication of Sacred Smoke: The Magic And Medicine Of Palo Santo by David Crow in Paperback and Kindle Version

sacred-smoke-paperback-image     sacred-smoke-kindle-image

Dec 10: Conor Nolan-Finkel joins Floracopeia team as customer service specialist


Stay tuned… Floracopeia plans for another big year in 2013!

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