Dear friends:

Thank you for your support throughout this dynamic, challenging and rewarding year. Thank you from everyone and everything that you have touched with your generosity, interest and kindness.

Thank you from the sandalwood trees of Hawaii and the palo santo trees of Ecuador, and the distillers that are working to regenerate their forests.

Thank you from the women of the argan collective outside of Essouira in Morocco, and those who harvest the roses of M’gouna, and from the men who distill those flowers.

Thank you from the distillers of Corsica, for assisting their sustainable wild harvesting and farming efforts.

Thank you from the village people of the Nepalese Himalayas, who harvest the flowers and leaves and roots that you enjoy.

Thank you from the flowers of Iceland, for using their subtle essences, and from Sara for your interest and remarkable testimonials.

Thank you from all our teachers, for partaking of their knowledge and wisdom.

Thank you for coming to our events near and far, and for your continued invitations.

Thank you from all of us at Floracopeia: Jai Dev Singh, Peter Cobabe, Alexandra Heller, Wendy Johnson, Patrick Warner, Ricardo Rico, Nicole Ellsworth, Conor Nolan-Finkle, Jakob Phillips, Mojohito Richerson Von Tchudi, Meghan Archer, Holly Pesta, Penny Crull, Bruce Schnitzer, Sara Crow, and myself…

David Crow

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