Starry night

Years ago, in college, I was enamored with dreams. I studied Carl Jung extensively and explored the symbols and meanings that our dreams can hold. Inspired by a course I was taking, specifically on dreams, I spent a year journaling my dreams, reflecting on them and discerning their meaning. It was a powerful time for me, as the more I reflected on my dreams the more vivid and insightful they became.

Years have passed since those dreamy days of college and in that time my dream journaling practice fell by the wayside. Recently, I have sought to reestablish that deep inner connection, and realized that essential oils and aromatherapy offered me a powerful tool to do so.

I decided to craft an essential oil blend with essential oils that would lend their abilities to me in my quest for dreams. My plan was to diffuse this blend each evening before bedtime with the intention not only of remembering my dreams, but also encouraging deep and profound insights.

I chose:

Mandarin essential oil for its cleansing, soothing properties and uplifting smell;

Aged Patchouli essential oil for its gift of releasing inhibitions and encouraging intuition;

Jatamansi essential oil for its sedating qualities and for its permission to access mental shadows and bring them to light;

Ylang Ylang essential oil for its ability to trade our anxieties for a taste of euphoria; and

Night Blooming Jasmine essential oil for its divine fragrance, and its combination of calming and stimulating properties.


These oils offered me the full range that I desired- calming and sedating to the linear mind of the ordinary world, and invigorating and provocative to the dreaming mind. I have been working with this oil off and on for months now and I must share that it has assisted me in reopening my connection to my dreams. The moment I smell this oil I feel a shift – it gets my intuitive self’s attention instantly!

I am excited to say that Floracopeia now offers this essential oil blend as part of our line of essential oil blends. We are calling it Dream Blend. I hope you are inspired to try it for yourself and see what hidden dreams come to the surface, bringing insight and healing with them.

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