In this video, learn how to quickly and easily make aromatic bath salts–the perfect gift for anyone you know who could use some relaxation.

What scent of aromatic bath salts are you going to create?

Get essential oils for your DIY bath salt.


  1. Kat Reply

    I wonder if Borax is a healthful addition to the bath? It has good properties as a household cleaner, but do you really want to soak in it?

  2. jessica Reply

    after making the gift, what are the instructions for use for the bath?

  3. Lindsay Beth Reply

    Kat, I was thinking the EXACT same thing…. I was actually recalling when I would use Borax as an additive in my washing machine along with my regular detergent. I like the sea salt, obviously the essential oil(s), and I could possibly see some baking soda….depending on who either requested it, or was the intended giftee. Anyhow, this gave me an idea for a side hustle so I definitely appreciate it…. Keep posting ideas and Videos! Lol people love essential oils

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