Autumn winds have picked up. The last leaves have cascaded to cover the earth in a patchwork of red, yellow, and brown.

As plant world settles into peaceful dormancy we turn to our apothecary to commune with plant allies. Their healing properties and immunological defenses remain potent in essential oils. We’ve put together this guide for you and your loved ones to make the most of your diffuser this autumn.


Make sweet new memories with this classic blend. Evocative of gingerbread houses, hot mulled cider, and pumpkin pie; this blend will bring the “happy” to your holidays.

2 drops Cinnamon

6 drops Sweet Orange

3 drops Cedar


Perfect for celebration and rituals, this spiritual blend of sacred scents sets a tone of contemplative ease and mystical wonder when diffused.

4 drops Frankincense

3 drops Sandalwood

2 drops Sweet Myrrh

2 drops Cedar


A warm and spicy blend to simultaneous calm and invigorate. Feel your muscles relax and your senses rejoice as you diffuse this blend.

4 drops Ginger

4 drops Sweet Orange

2 drops Neroli

2 drops Black Pepper


Invoke the season’s clear crisp air with this forest-scented gem. Wonderful in any setting, this blend is especially enchanting for city dwellers as it evokes a woodland retreat and deeply purifies any space.

8 drops Silver Fir

4 drops Juniper

4 drops Cypress

4 drops Cedar


  1. Gisela L O'Brien Reply

    Thanks for those recipes which I do not have yet

  2. Carol Reply

    I use about 1/2 cup water in my diffuser. So you are suggesting 11-16 drops of essential oil in this amount of water? I’ve only been using 4-6! an eye opener. Thank you for all the recommended combinations on this site and at the individual EO sites. Very helpful. David and Sara are my favorite herbal and essence people!

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