Deep Meditation: The Most Precious Oil For Resting In The Nature Of the Mind

I use agarwood oil for a very specific reason and at specific times during my Buddhist meditation practice.

Just before actual practice and supplication prayers I apply a tiny amount of agarwood oil to the inside of my nostrils.

Now my mind is clearly aware of both the intended practice and my habitual distractions without getting lost in the distractions.


While “resting in the nature of the mind”, or other meditation or Dzogchen method, agarwood stabilizes and sustains the very heart essence of this spacious clarity. Sometimes for hours!

This experience is unmatched by any other of the precious oils. I call this oil Root Guru in a bottle or Liquid Rinpoche.

Agarwood “fullfills my wish” of sustaining my connection with my “higher consciousness” or the “nature of my mind” and is the only oil that qualifies, in my experience, to be called the Wish Fullfilling Gem.  For the benefit of all beings, what oil could be more precious??


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