There is so much misinformation on the internet about how to safely use essential oils at home. Do essential oils really work? What are the benefits of essential oils? What about the best essential oil brands?

In this video, master herbalist and aromatherapist David Crow answers all of these questions and more. He dispels common misconceptions and claims that confuse what is scientifically known about the healing abilities of essential oils.

Crow explains how aromatic plants have been used historically in the prevention and treatment of disease, and how today’s scientific research proves that our ancestors were on the right track. Watch to learn how essential oils work biochemically, how to use essential oils safely and effectively, and the top essential oils for any home pharmacy.


  1. Deborah Reply

    To David Crow
    I find your talks and education on essentials oils far exceeds any one I have listened to before .
    The way in which you speak , I can understand and take in what you are saying so well.
    I car’nt get enough of your knowledge
    when it comes to the use of essential oils
    and your knowledge of Ayurvedic medicine as well.
    I thankyou and your team for bringing this beautiful natural way of living into our lives and our homes.
    With much love

  2. Lisa Mecham Reply

    Thank you for all your work, education and training. I really appreciate it.

  3. Bel Sweetman Reply

    What a fantastic and I depth look into essential oil through history and into the future, I am a firm believer in the oils and that they have been put on earth to protect humans and enable them to live healthy and free from disease

  4. Chloe Reply

    Love it!!!! Brilliant, solid stuff. Thank you so much!!!

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