Creating an Aromatic Wedding Celebration

Your wedding is an event to cherish and remember. What better way to preserve your treasured memory then to incorporate Essential Oils and Aromatherapy into your ceremony. Our sense of smell aids us in the most potent form of recall that can help us remember details that may remain forgotten.

pelargonium roseum rose geranium wOne simple way to get everyone involved in the aromatic celebration i s to make spray bottles with your signature blend of essential oils. This is particularly helpful if you are having an outdoor wedding as you can select oils that have bug repelling properties, such as Eucalyptus citriodora, Cedar, Rose GeraniumIf you are having and indoor wedding you could select oils that refresh and invigorate your space- Lavender and Peppermint are well loved oils, Citrus oils are uplifting and refreshing, Neroli and Rose are heartwarming, and Rosemary is of course for remembrance. A spritzer bottle can be placed on each table for guest to spray at their leisure. You can also make small spritzer bottles to give as favors to all your wedding guests, so they too can relieve your special day. Just fill the bottles with spring or distilled water and add essential oils to your liking (about 10 drops of essential oil  per ounce of water).

Of course coming up with your signature perfume for the occasion is a key way to recall your special day for years to come. An Attar would be a top choice as these precious oils are a combination of delicate florals distilled into sandalwood which acts as a natural fixa tive to preserve the  fragrance on your skin all day long.

rosa alba white rose wRose Attar is a beautiful combination of Rose and Sandalwood that makes a very special fragrance. Floracopeia’s Motia attar is an exotic blend of Jasmine Sambac flowers distilled into Sandalwood essential oil. Anahata Botanical Perfume is a blend of Saffron and Rose Attars which is an exquisite combination for a heart opening scent. For men, Hina Attar is a blend of spice and woods with a soft floral note that make it an enchanting and memorable natural fragrance. Creating your own custom blend of your favorite oils will also bring your right back to your favorite wedding day memories.

Another way to incorporate Aromatherapy into your wedding celebration is to burn resin or incense wood as part of your ceremony. Unlike perfumed incense, natural resins and woods are clean and purifying. Traditionally used in sacred rituals, resins naturally take us to a higher state of awareness. Frankincense resin, such as Hojari Superior or Frankincense Papyrifera, have a soft, sweet fragrance that connotes the sacred. All guests can be ensconced with the wafting incense smoke at the start of the ceremony to create a container for the ceremony at hand.

agarwood__45021_stdAgarwood is a soft and spicy incense wood traditionally used for sacred and meditative purposes. Known as the “Wish Fulfilling Gem”, Agarwood is said to help support us in manifesting our greatest desires. What a wonderful way to bless your vows of marriage by burning Agarwood at your wedding altar.

When planning the details of you wedding be sure to acknowledge the influence of scent, and utilize it as a tool in creating an enchanting experience that will be cherished for years to come. The Floracopeia Website is filled with beautiful oils, resins and Aromatic Treasures that add to the beauty of your celebration.


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