Feel good about your ecological footprint this holiday season when you purchase sustainably produced, renewable, organic botanicals for your loved ones. See some of our favorites from The List below!


  • 1

    Golden Beauty Body Créme

    Lasting moisture from ethical-trade sourced nut butters.

  • 2

    Floral R&R Misting Potion

    A calming mist from eco-harvested flowers.

  • 3

    Radiant Rose Eye Créme

    Eye-brightening with sustainable rose petals.

  • 4

    Carpe Diem Diffuser Collection

    Inspiration and motivation from organic, small batch blended oils.

  • 5

    Holiday Home Diffuser Collection

    Classic, merry scents from eco project oils.

  • 6

    Daily Essentials Diffuser Collection

    All day support with adaptogenic and South African eco-project oils.

  • 7

    Spirit Diffuser Collection

    Enlightening oils featuring eco-harvested and organic oils.

  • 8

    Golden Beauty Body Wash

    Soft non-stripping clean with biodynamic flowers.

  • 9

    Relax Roll-On

    Instant, topical calm with organic adaptogens.

  • 10

    Rose Flower Essence Tincture

    Balance and nourishment with zero-waste flower essences.

  • 11

    Palo Santo Wood Incense

    Purifying ethically-wild-harvested dead wood.


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