Citrus oils are diffuser experts; masterfully freshening any space while calming your nervous system. Their bright, sunny aromas are joyful and crowd-pleasing. They simultaneously uplift and relax, making them perfect for evenings entertaining guests, early morning meditation, and winding down before bed.


Sweet and floral, this blend is reminiscent of a tropical breeze.

– 8 drops Grapefruit

– 4 drops Ylang ylang

– 2 drops Basil


A juicy and refreshing blend of citrus classics.

– 4 drops Sweet Orange

– 4 drops Bergamot

– 3 drops Grapefruit

– 2 drops Lemon

– 2 drops Lime


This purifying, sweetly woody blend is relaxing and luxurious.

– 8 drops Mandarin

– 4 drops White Sage

– 6 drops Cedar

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