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How to Use Eucalyptus Essential Oil

By Haley Ausserer

Eucalyptus is one of the most beloved and widely used essential oils. Therapeutically versatile, it can be used for:

– Opening and deepening your breath

– Boosting your immunity

– Enhancing the efficiency of your homemade cleaning products

– Clearing and energizing your mind, improving concentration

– Balancing your emotions

– Repelling insects

Eucalyptus is native to Australia and Tasmania, where its leaves were often smoked as a home remedy for difficult breathing.Read more

RECIPE: Harmonizing Sea Salt and Baking Soda Rinse

Legends Blend

What You'll Need:

Legends Blend Essential Oil - 1 drop (please only use recommended dose)

• Sea Salt - 1/4 cup

• Baking Soda - 1/4 cup

Time-tested Rosemary by Stephanie McCann


By Stephanie McCann

Many of the herbs we use as medicine today have long traditions spanning back thousands of years, but sometimes their uses seem a bit superstitious and outdated. Although folklore has provided us with great direction in understanding the benefits of various plants, modern science is beginning to confirm the merits of these historical uses.… Read more

New! Legends Blend

We received so many customer requests for this blend — Floracopeia is delighted to finally offer Legends blend, a historically accurate version of “Thieves’ Vinegar,”which was used as protection from epidemics in the Middle Ages. Our proprietary blend has a pleasant, non-medicinal aroma that really works to support your immune system.… Read more

The Basics of Blending with Essential Oils

This week we have shared some easy to make gift ideas, but one question you might have is: how do I come up with my own aromatherapy essential oil blend?

Citrus_auranti_neroli_W_640x480 (1)There are many ways to develop a blend, and here is one simple method to create custom essential oil blends for perfumery or making natural products.… Read more

Video: Perfume Your Holiday Cards with Essential Oils

A trip to your mail box can be so much fun this time of year with all the Holiday Greeting Cards arriving!

You can easily make your Holiday cards even more special with the addition of Essential Oils.

Watch and I will show you how!

Watch Video

Shop Floracopeia Essential OilsRead more

Aromatherapy Diffusers: Why Every Home, Office or Classroom Should Have One

The air we breathe has a major impact on our health and wellbeing. Studies show that the air in our homes contains toxins and microbes that negatively impact our immune systems functioning. With winter weather driving those of us in the Northern Hemisphere inside, we need to bring our attention to the quality of our indoor air and focus on what we can do to improve it.… Read more

Video: Make Your Own Aromatic Cleaning Products With Floracopeia Essential Oils

These days we are so overwhelmed with chemical exposure that it is essential to keep our homes as chemical free as possible, especially with the rise in reported allergies and chemical sensitivities.

Instead of using toxic cleansers to clean your home, you can make aromatic natural cleansers that can safely and effectively clean your home.… Read more