These days, healing herbs, essential oils, and other botanical solutions have been flying off the shelves of every natural health store…

And for good reason. Especially with the dangers and uncertainty of 2020, who wouldn’t want to enhance their immune system, boost respiratory health, improve digestion, care for their autoimmune conditions — and be ready for whatever lies ahead?Read more

2020 has been full of unexpected twists and turns, to put it lightly. 

Even in times of uncertainty, though, we can always count on Mother Nature to work her magic — and her beautiful seasons come and go with perfect timing… 

As the fall season settles in and the shorter winter days get closer, are you making sure to shift your self-care routines, too? Read more

Everyone wants their home to smell great. With the right essential oils, though, your house can smell fresh and amazing — while also elevating your mood, boosting your immune system, and keeping your living space free of toxic chemicals.

You might already have most of the essential oils you’ll need to enjoy these different methods — or you can stock up right hereRead more

When was the last time you walked through a peaceful, silent forest, alone with your thoughts, inhaling the cozy, woodsy scent of the trees as you looked up to see the sky peeking through their branches?

Whether you live deep in the woods or in a downtown high-rise, you can always bring the crisp aromas of the woods into your home whenever you’d like with our beloved, bestselling tree essential oils.Read more

And Other Teachings You’ll Receive at the Plant Medicine for Modern Epidemics Summit
By David Crow

What are the most effective ways to stay safe and well during this pandemic? If you’re unsure, you’re not alone.

Unfortunately, there are many conflicting messages and unknown factors regarding how to stay well right now — which means many people are living with a lot of fear and anxiety…

This great need is one of the many reasons I’m pleased and honored to be hosting the Plant Medicine for Modern Epidemics Summit.… Read more

We hope you have been enjoying our video series this week, Contemplative Aromatherapy for Transforming Consciousness

We’ve been humbled by your positive feedback — we love sharing the world’s highest-quality essential oils with you, while teaching you something new.

In today’s 16-minute video teaching below, our founder David Crow will guide you to inhale frankincense consciously through the heart as you continue to refine your spiritual practices this week.Read more

This week we’re sharing a powerful 5-part series with David Crow, Contemplative Aromatherapy for Transforming Consciousness… 

Immerse yourself in nature’s restorative power… as you discover the healing dimensions of plants… 

Integrating potent plant allies — including flower essences, therapeutic aromatics, and incense — with your spiritual practice, will heighten the benefits of botanicals even more.  Read more

Are you ready to slow down, take a break, and ease your body and mind with a soothing yoga flow?

With all we’re going through in the world, it’s virtually impossible not to feel stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, or ungrounded…

To nourish you through these tumultuous times, our beloved Claire Eli — beautiful yoga teacher (and graphic designer here at Floracopeia!) — has created a gentle yoga sequence that we’re thrilled to share with you.Read more