And Other Teachings You’ll Receive at the Plant Medicine for Modern Epidemics Summit
By David Crow

What are the most effective ways to stay safe and well during this pandemic? If you’re unsure, you’re not alone.

Unfortunately, there are many conflicting messages and unknown factors regarding how to stay well right now — which means many people are living with a lot of fear and anxiety…

This great need is one of the many reasons I’m pleased and honored to be hosting the Plant Medicine for Modern Epidemics Summit.… Read more

We hope you have been enjoying our video series this week, Contemplative Aromatherapy for Transforming Consciousness

We’ve been humbled by your positive feedback — we love sharing the world’s highest-quality essential oils with you, while teaching you something new.

In today’s 16-minute video teaching below, our founder David Crow will guide you to inhale frankincense consciously through the heart as you continue to refine your spiritual practices this week.Read more

This week we’re sharing a powerful 5-part series with David Crow, Contemplative Aromatherapy for Transforming Consciousness… 

Immerse yourself in nature’s restorative power… as you discover the healing dimensions of plants… 

Integrating potent plant allies — including flower essences, therapeutic aromatics, and incense — with your spiritual practice, will heighten the benefits of botanicals even more.  Read more

Are you ready to slow down, take a break, and ease your body and mind with a soothing yoga flow?

With all we’re going through in the world, it’s virtually impossible not to feel stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, or ungrounded…

To nourish you through these tumultuous times, our beloved Claire Eli — beautiful yoga teacher (and graphic designer here at Floracopeia!) — has created a gentle yoga sequence that we’re thrilled to share with you.Read more

Ever wonder which botanicals and essential oils are best for healthy, shiny hair? 

If you make it a point to care for your hair and body with botanicals that are pure, organic, preservative-free, ethically and sustainably sourced, vegan, never tested on animals (or if you’re ready to get more serious about natural hair and body care!)…

Today we’re sharing five essential oils that are nourishing and vitalizing for natural, radiant hair — plus our top two carrier oils AND a DIY recipe to make your own hair and scalp formula. Read more

Here at Floracopeia, we’re honored to be part of creating a more beautiful world as we search for the highest quality botanical treasures — then share them with you…

Led by our owner and founder David Crow, we believe in providing you with quality essential oils and products that are always: 

  • Organic, vegan, and completely pure
  • Ethically sourced, sustainably harvested
  • Never tested on animals

One of the most potent and multi-dimensional products we share with our community is argan (it’s amazing!).Read more

With all that we’re experiencing in the world and our personal lives, it can be hard not to feel grief, anxiety, troubled, confused, or plagued by unceasing thoughts or trauma.

Trauma is talked about more than ever these days — there are studies that show the grave effects it can have on our physical, mental, and emotional health — and we all experience it to varying degrees, some more than others.Read more

Now more than ever, a holistic approach to health is essential for your total wellbeing… 

Botanicals are potent allies in building immunity, restoring balance, and supporting mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing — for you and your family. 

Through flower essences, tinctures, aromatics, and other botanicals you can activate and support your body’s innate healing abilityRead more

We’re thrilled about celebrating the Summer Solstice with you… 

Solstice comes from the Latin words sol (sun) and sistere ( stop, also pause and to be still) drawn from this time of year when the sun appears to cease rising and setting… 

Also known as the June Solstice, this time of year is often associated with change, nature and new beginnings.Read more