Favorite Essential Oils for Gift Making

It’s that time of year, where the weekends are set aside for making Holiday Gifts.

I love making gifts with essential oils and in this week I will be sharing some Do-It-Yourself videos and recipes that you can use to make your own special gifts.

To get us started I would like to share my favorite essential oils for gift making- on their own they are amazing and well-loved oils, and together these oils offer you limitless combinations!… Read more

Floracopeia: Small Business That Gives Big

First Impressions speak volumes.

My first impression of Floracopeia oils, when I met them years ago, was that they were connected to the lands from which the oils came. These were oils made from plants grown in their optimal environment, where they could meet their full potential, under the conditions that Mother Nature intended.… Read more

Invigorate Your Holidays with The Essence of The Season Celebration!

The winter holiday season is filled with sacred inspiration. Traditions around the world honor the return of light even after the longest night. We gather with those we love and honor all that is and all that we wish to create in the coming new year.… Read more

Diffusing Essential Oils for Children

Aromatherapy Diffusers are a great tool for any parent to utilize to keep their family happy and healthy. There are many reasons why we would want to diffuse essential oils for children that I want to share with you.

We do whatever we can as parents to keep our kids healthy.… Read more

Floracopeia Diffuser Blends: The Easiest Way to Use An Aromatherapy Diffuser

If you are new to diffusing essential oils, you might want to start with an Essential Oil Blend formulated for diffusing. Floracopeia has a unique line of 100% pure, undiluted Essential Oil Blends that can be added directly to your diffuser.

Watch The Diffuser Blend Video Here

David Crow, the founder of Floracopeia, formulated a line of diffuser blends based on his awareness of the benefits of combining essential oils for diffusing.… Read more

Aromatherapy Diffusers: Why Every Home, Office or Classroom Should Have One

The air we breathe has a major impact on our health and wellbeing. Studies show that the air in our homes contains toxins and microbes that negatively impact our immune systems functioning. With winter weather driving those of us in the Northern Hemisphere inside, we need to bring our attention to the quality of our indoor air and focus on what we can do to improve it.… Read more

FlorAlchemy: Flower Essence Tinctures Formulated by Sara Crow

I am very pleased to announce that after about a year of working on the new FlorAlchemy Flower Essence Line that they are now ready for all of you.  This line represents a long journey for me in which I have been putting together many special ingredients, some from far away lands such as the island of Corsica. … Read more

Floracopeia: The Essence of a Successful and Sustainable Business is Relationship Cultivation

by Eric Cetnarski

Article published on as part of the Lessons In Sustainable Business series by students at the Presidio Graduate School.

The Problem:

David Crow started Floracopeia in 2005 with a mission to introduce the public to the numerous medical and spiritual benefits of high quality essential oils.… Read more

Video: Watch David Crow Introduce The Nectar of Immortelle

This rejuvenative skin serum was discoverd by David and Sara Crow on their tour of Corsica. Watch as David Crow Introduces Floracopeia’s newest and most effective skin care product- The Nectar of Immortelle: Rejuvenative Skin Serum.

Praise for the Nectar of Immortelle from the Floracopeia Staff:

“I have used many expensive skin care regimens over the years, but nothing revives my skin like a drop of Nectar of Immortelle. … Read more

Discovering the Nectar of Immortelle

Sometimes one finds the most incredible treasures in the most unexpected places. In this case, the treasure was off a highway running along the southern coast of Corsica, down a steep and rutted dirt road where cars could not pass without fear of being stranded at the bottom of the ravine, across a small creek, a moderate walk through the forest and then a stroll across an open plateau overlooking fields of helichrysum and beautiful valleys.… Read more

Video: Make Your Own Aromatic Cleaning Products With Floracopeia Essential Oils

These days we are so overwhelmed with chemical exposure that it is essential to keep our homes as chemical free as possible, especially with the rise in reported allergies and chemical sensitivities.

Instead of using toxic cleansers to clean your home, you can make aromatic natural cleansers that can safely and effectively clean your home.… Read more

World’s Best Essential Oil: Helichrysum Essential Oil

Why are we calling Floracopeia’s new, wild Helichrysum the world’s #1 healing oil? Watch the video Below.

Buy The World’s Best Helichrysum Essential Oil Now

There are few aromatic treasures as rare and potent as this. It is highly probable that this exquisite new Helichrysum oil will be completely sold out by the week’s end (or sooner).… Read more

Love Potion Recipes

The recording from Kris Wrede’s class Aromatica Erotica: How To Make A Love Potion is now available. Register & Listen Here.   Here are the love potion recipes from Kris’ class so you can re-create the romantic mystery in your own life. The key is to honor the sacred nature of perfume and to breathe it in…..literally and figuratively every day. … Read more

The Palo Santo Journey


This morning I was greeted with a most enchanting message when I opened my email inbox. The email did not have anything to do with the usual day to day business matters that I am accustomed to receiving each morning.

The message was from David Crow. … Read more

An Important Announcement To The Friends of Floracopeia

david contemplating

Dear friends of Floracopeia,

It has been a dynamic and challenging year in the essential oil business; year that has brought us to an important juncture as a company.

We would like to remind everyone what our guiding vision has been from the beginning, and still is: to create a form of business that is reciprocal, not exploitative; that places the health and wellbeing of plants in the center of the business mandala, with our small company in the role of supporting those that take care of them.… Read more

Let Them Know You Want the Gift Of Floracopeia!

The Floracopeia Wish List is now functional!  Thanks to the requests of our valued customers, it is now easier than ever to let your loved ones know exactly what you desire.  Whether it is for a birthday, holiday or other special occasion, make sure that they know that you want the gift of Floracopeia.… Read more

Enhance The Art Of Seduction


Learn the fine art of using all of your senses to bring alive a full expression of heart-centered sensuality, passion and seduction. Learn how to use plants to enhance and awaken ones passionate heart. Begin with food, libations, flirting, intimate love letters, poetry, and massage using your own custom love potion.… Read more

Mitti Attar: Exotic Aroma of Ancient Indian Perfumers

Mitti Attar captures the fragrance of the earth, derived from distilling cakes of mud into sandalwood. This rich, earthy, soothing, and exotic aroma was created by the ancient Indian perfumers to capture the smell of the first monsoon rain on the soil. 

“And suddenly these molecules of attar they acquire your auric field.Read more

Gateways To The Soul

Dear friends,

The holiday season has both its joys and its stresses…and it is easy to get caught up in the hustle of the consumer gift craze.

This year we’ve tried to pull off something miraculous…in fact, we attempt it every year…

We try to somehow stay connected to the deeper essence of the holiday season, while simultaneously making sure that our business is very successful during this time.… Read more

Deep Meditation: The Most Precious Oil For Resting In The Nature Of the Mind

I use agarwood oil for a very specific reason and at specific times during my Buddhist meditation practice.

Just before actual practice and supplication prayers I apply a tiny amount of agarwood oil to the inside of my nostrils.

Now my mind is clearly aware of both the intended practice and my habitual distractions without getting lost in the distractions.… Read more