Balance Your Chakras with Botanicals

By Haley Ausserer

Chakras are spiritual energy centers in our bodies, and each of the seven chakras is associated with a specific energy and healing theme. Essential oils, flower essences, and other botanicals can work with these healing themes to bring us into balance and flow.

Stability. Rootedness. Security. Sustenance.

The first chakra is the seat of our connection with the earth, and it holds the energy of our survival needs. Balancing this chakra allows us to feel safe and at home in ourselves. We can let go of a scarcity mindset and live instead from a place of trust and abundance.

Balance Your Root Chakra:

Jatamansi – A supreme oil for grounding and rejuvenation
Safe and Secure flower essence – Enhances feelings of security and trust in life
Ruh Khus – Wild vetiver grounds, centers, and cools
Rose and Vetiver Attar – A sensual and earthy perfume
Strength flower essence – Connect to the stabilizing energies of the earth

Creativity. Sensuality. Flow.

The second chakra is the home of our emotional responses, creativity, and experience of sensuality and pleasure. Balancing this chakra allows for a sense of abundance around our bodies and desires. Our creative energy flows freely; we align with and accept our natural rhythms.

Balance Your Sacral Chakra:

Embrace the Body flower essence – Heal body image issues and feel comfortable in your skin
Clary Sage – Find soothing self-care and ease in monthly cycles
Fertile Force flower essence – Tap into your innate creative potential

Ylang Ylang – Open the heart to sensuality
Ginger – Revitalize and restore the flow of stagnant qi

Confidence. Boundaries. Inner Power.

The third chakra holds the wisdom of proper boundaries and healthy assertion of our inner power. Balancing this chakra helps us to be decisive, self-assured, and accountable for our actions. We let go of aggression or feelings of helplessness, moving forward confidently and with focus.

Balance Your Solar Plexus Chakra:

Calendula flower essence tincture – Strengthens personal power and improves digestion
RosemaryIncreases vitality, confidence, and feelings of self-worth
Free to Be Me flower essence – Boosts self-acceptance and inner joy
Inner Star Mist – Activates courage and authentic expression
Tagetes – Calms aggression and promotes mental clarity

Compassion. Healing. Love.

The fourth chakra is our heart center. It is the home of compassion, tenderness, and our capacity to love. Balancing this chakra opens us to meaningful connection, forgiveness, and unconditional love. We can heal old wounds and build empathic, harmonious relationships with ourselves and others.

Balance Your Heart Chakra:

Heart Ease flower essence – Heals past hurts and unburdens a heavy heart
Bliss Misting Potion – A floral cascade of joy and lightness
Radiant Rose Body Serum – Softens skin and boosts self-love
Nourish & Nurture flower essence – Strengthens and comforts the emotional heart
Rose Perfume – Evokes romance, healing, and your unique beauty
Myrtle – Soothes sadness and creates a sweet, positive atmosphere

Expression. Communication. Breath.

The fifth chakra holds the wisdom of authentic expression and open communication. Balancing this chakra helps us to speak honestly and breathe clearly. We can freely share our truths, without defensiveness or insecurity.

Balance Your Throat Chakra:

Inner Judge flower essence – Quiets perfectionism, shame, and self-criticism
Breathe – Encourages deep and clear breathing
Transformation flower essence – Resolves past trauma and supports effective public speaking

Inspiration. Vision. Insight.

The sixth chakra is the center of intuition and foresight. Balancing this chakra allows us to see situations clearly, perceive subtle energies, and sense our universal connection. We can access illuminating wisdom to set a guiding vision for ourselves and live in purposeful alignment.

Balance Your Third Eye Chakra:

Illuminate flower essence – enhance clarity and inner vision
Agarwood Roll-On Attar – mystical support for manifestation
Centered – focus the mind and intentions
Dream – open to dreamtime inspiration
Tune In flower essence – quiet mental chatter and attune to wisdom
Sandalwood – connect with higher centers of intuition
Frankincense – a spiritual tool for prayer and meditation

Transcendence. Bliss. Spiritual Connection.

The seventh chakra is the gateway to spiritual connection and enlightenment. Balancing this chakra brings spiritual growth, sacred communion, and transcendence of our past limitations. We experience mindful connection with the universe, no longer bound by feelings of isolation or separateness.

Balance Your Crown Chakra:

Passionflower flower essence tincture – Enhances peace and spiritual illumination
Shaman fragrance – A mystical perfume with Palo Santo and euphoric temple incense Cistus
Palo Santo – Used extensively in Andean shamanic purification rituals
Spirit – A blissful blend of sacred scents
White Sage – Cleanses energy and creates a transcendent atmosphere


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