A powerful addition to your skin care ritual.

Floracopeia’s new artisanal facial massage tool, sometimes called kansa, is made from teak and a high quality bronze traditionally called the β€œQueen’s metal.” When used for facial rejuvenation, this bronze enhances skin health and beauty and stimulates healing throughout the entire body.

In this short video, Sara Crow demonstrates how to do a facial massage using this rejuvenation tool:


– Firms, tones, and tightens the skin

– Produces notable relaxation throughout the face and body

– Reduces redness, swelling, congestion and puffiness

– Promotes collagen and elastin health

– Detoxifies and promotes lymphatic drainage

– Increases circulation of life force energy for a fresh and glowing complexion



  1. Barbara Reply

    Hi, Sara! Fellow Vata here. πŸ™‚ I’ve had one of these wands languishing in my cupboard for over a year. You’ve inspired me now to start using it! Thank you for the demonstration!

  2. Joy Reply

    What do you use the other end of to for? Demo displayed copper end. Thank you joy

    • Floracopeia Customer Service Reply

      Hi Joy! The other end is purely used as a handle for the wand πŸ™‚

  3. Anny Reply

    Hallo, thank you this looks lovely. Since watching the video I would like to get one. But if I buy one, does it come with full instructions to give full and all benefits of use? I can’t do the beauty course. So I am disinclined to buy this if I have to do the beauty course to get full benefit of the item.
    Thank you

  4. natascia gazzola Reply

    Hi very nice treatment, ,what kind of beauty course do you generally do ?

    • Floracopeia Customer Service Reply

      Hi Natascia! Our beauty course will include Ayurvedic Skin care πŸ™‚

  5. natascia gazzola Reply

    Hi ! Interesting your face treatment, ,what kind of courses do you do ?

    • Floracopeia Customer Service Reply

      We have courses on many different grass roots pharmacy and natural beauty techniques. You can view our courses at the link below:

      Floracopeia Courses

  6. Loren Reply

    Hello Sara,
    I watched the video and i might be interested in using the want but i also wondered where to find the course you mentioned in the video. The full beauty course i am not able to find it on the website. help

    • Floracopeia Customer Service Reply

      Hi Loren,

      This course has not launched yet, but be on the look out soon!

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