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Want to build your aromatherapy home pharmacy but aren’t sure where to start?

Are you already using essential oils at home, and want to increase the effectiveness of your home collection?

Discover our Floracopeia founder, David Crow’s essential oil recommendations to stock your medicine cabinet — and explore simple and effective recipes — when you watch this perennially popular webinar:

Top 10 Essential Oils for the Home Pharmacy with David Crow

During this powerful hour, David will share:

  • Simple and effective recipes for the diffuser, bath, steam inhalation, and more
  • The versatile oil that purifies the environment and sharpens the mind
  • Which oils are safe to apply directly to the skin, and which can cause burns
  • The best essential oils for calming irritable and rowdy children
  • How to use essential oils to relieve congestion and inflammation in the respiratory system
  • The best oils for boosting your body’s natural immune function
  • When to use essential oils as opposed to other plant medicinals such as teas…

Be sure to watch the video above to discover David’s top 10 essential oils for your home pharmacy!Read more

Thuja’s Many Uses to Support Women’s Health
Featuring Chanchal Cabrera

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re introducing you to inspiring leaders, practitioners, and trailblazers whose work is making an impact for women’s health…

Today we’re delving into the power of Thuja (Northern White Cedar) to support women’s health and sharing powerful forest essential oils  — with a truly celebrated medical herbalist leading the way…

Chanchal Cabrera, MSc, has been a member of the UK National Institute of Medical Herbalists since 1987.Read more

The Healing Power of Flower Essences to
Support Women’s Health
Featuring Rosita Arvigo

To celebrate Women’s History Month — and the women making history in real time throughout the natural health and wellness worlds — we’re introducing you to some amazing women leaders, practitioners, and trailblazers…

Today we’re exploring the power of flower essences to support women’s health. Read more

How a Healthy Microbiome Changes Your Life
(Nourishing Foods, Drinks & Essential Oils)
Featuring Karen Wang Diggs

Happy Women’s History Month!

To celebrate the women making history in the natural health and wellness space, we’re proud to introduce you to some amazing leaders, practitioners, and trailblazers we think you should know…

Karen Wang Diggs is a certified nutritionist, therapeutic chef, and chief fermentation officer at Kraut Source and ChouAmi.Read more

Our popular artisanal Ayurvedic Facial Rejuvenation Tool is a powerful addition to your skin care ritual. 

Sometimes called a kansa, it’s made from teak and a high quality bronze (traditionally called the “Queen’s metal”) for advanced therapeutics and pronounced durability.

It possesses powerful enhancing effects for the health and beauty of the skin, stimulating healing throughout the entire body. Read more

Sleepless nights lead to stressful days…

And when they continue and you know it’s time to take action, it can be hard to discern the healthiest, most effective natural solutions. It’s easy to find yourself stuck on a treadmill of trial and error.

By now, most of us have heard the classic sleep tips — for instance, going to bed at the same time each night when possible, putting away your electronic devices to give yourself time to wind down, and more…

Today we’re sharing some under-the-radar sleep tips you might not have heard just yet.Read more

Each deep breath you take delivers restorative power to your ENTIRE body — lowering your heart rate, regulating blood pressure, helping you relax, and reducing stress…

And if you have allergies, asthma, or a lingering cough or a chest infection,  you may experience difficulty when taking a deep breath…

Thankfully, when you feel the symptoms of congestion or other ailments coming on, you can turn to some classic essential oil powerhouses — to support your immune system and clear your pathways so your respiratory system operates at its full capacity.Read more

A fresh new year is stretched out in front of us…

As 2021 unfolds, are you ready to manifest what you want most? 

A powerful way to amplify your manifestation is to get settled into a meditation routine.

You probably know that a regular meditation practice lowers stress, helps you reach new levels of awareness, deepens concentration, stabilizes the mind and emotions, and so much more…

As if you needed yet another reason why meditation is such a powerful, nourishing practice — it can also help you attract and manifest your desires… in 2021 and beyond.Read more