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Dear friends of Floracopeia,

It has been a dynamic and challenging year in the essential oil business; year that has brought us to an important juncture as a company.

We would like to remind everyone what our guiding vision has been from the beginning, and still is: to create a form of business that is reciprocal, not exploitative; that places the health and wellbeing of plants in the center of the business mandala, with our small company in the role of supporting those that take care of them. In that sense, we can truly say that much has been accomplished over the last few years.  With your support, we have sent over $1,000,000 to farmers, distillers and caretakers of the plants and their environments all over the world. That is a lot of money in most of the places where these treasures come from, and its impacts have been significant. Over the next few weeks I will be sending dispatches from Ecuador, where we have worked with one distiller to plant over 30,000 palo santo trees; this is only one example of how we have used the money from your purchases of our products.

Throughout the world, the cost of producing true botanical aromatic treasures has soared. Some of this is from increased production costs, such as fuel; some is due to increased pressure on ecosystems, combined with increased demand; some is due to challenges at the cultivation level that are linked to climate change. The result is that over the last two years we have been paying increasingly high prices for genuine essential oils, from the same network of distillers.

Why is this a juncture for us as a company? Because we could choose, like many companies that reach this point, to go to the world market and purchase inferior products at substantially reduced costs.  But this is not the route we are taking.

We are committed to supporting organic farmers, agroforestry projects, and producers of top grade, sustainable aromatic treasures around the world. Rather than compromise this commitment and go down the road of decreased quality for the sake of profitability, we must face what all other ecological companies are now facing: to adjust prices to levels that realistically reflect the true costs of high quality, organic products.

The end result is that we must now raise our prices.  For many products there will be no change; for some products there will be a substantial increase; for others it will be moderate. This price increase will take effect next week, on Wednesday February 15th.

Thank you for your dedicated support over the years, and for your continued support in the future.

David Crow & The Floracopeia Team

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