Purify the air, reinforce your immune system and stand against contagion. The anti-microbial properties of Legends Blend support your best health during seasonal shift. 

DIY Cleaning Blend

– Fill an empty 24oz. spray bottle halfway with white vinegar and halfway with purified water

– Add 30-40 drops of Legends Blend

– Use as an all-purpose cleaner! Excellent for kitchens, countertops, bathrooms, and beyond


  1. MJ Reply

    Does using vinegar with water increase shelf life and keep from having to refrigerate the solution?

    • Floracopeia Customer Service Reply

      Hi MJ! It does! Vinegar is also a wonderful cleaning agent as it dissolves build-up and kills most germs.

  2. Klara Wu Reply

    Is this blend safe for pregnant women, children and pets?

    • wendy Reply

      Hi Klara,

      We always recommend caution when using essential oils around pregnant women, children and pets. It’s best to use any cleaning solution in a well ventilated area and away from anyone who might be sensitive. I would not recommend using Legends Blend in areas where your pets will be, because it contains several essential oils that are contraindicated for dogs and cats.

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