A fresh new year is stretched out in front of us…

As 2021 unfolds, are you ready to manifest what you want most? 

A powerful way to amplify your manifestation is to get settled into a meditation routine.

You probably know that a regular meditation practice lowers stress, helps you reach new levels of awareness, deepens concentration, stabilizes the mind and emotions, and so much more…

As if you needed yet another reason why meditation is such a powerful, nourishing practice — it can also help you attract and manifest your desires… in 2021 and beyond.

5 Ways Meditation Helps You Manifest What You Want Most

1. Meditation Helps You Construct a Clear Picture in Your Mind

When your mind is clear and your body is relaxed, you can more easily tap into your imagination to visualize images and ideas. 

Meditation and visualization have the power to teach and heal. Visualization is one method of using the mind to influence the body.

Building a clear image in your mind can be difficult for many of us, but it becomes much easier when you’re in a meditative state.

Whether you’re building the mental image all of your own or moving through a guided practice, meditation can help you reach the powerful outer limits of your imagination — as you focus on your desired image without distraction.

2. You Can Use Your Affirmations as a Meditation Mantra

When you use your own affirmations as a mantra, you can reach a much deeper level of intention without feeling overwhelmed — because your central point of focus becomes fixed on your affirmation, all while you’re in a meditative state.

Many members of our Florcopeia family prefer focusing on breathing or music while meditating. In that case,  you can use the equally powerful subliminal affirmations while you meditate.

Subliminal affirmations are so powerful because they don’t involve the conscious mind at all — instead, the imprint directly on the all-powerful subconscious mind.

3. Meditation Raises Your Vibration & Unlocks Receiving Mode

We’re all energetic beings…

And energy moves through us in two different directions.

You emit energy out to the universe through your thoughts, emotional energy, and energy that arises from your actions.

By contrast, when you’re in receiving mode, you’re pulling energy inward.

While you’re meditating, there are no thoughts, no words being spoken. Only still silence. And during this time of stillness, you naturally begin to draw energy in, transitioning into receiving mode.

When you’re truly receiving, inspired guidance rings out, a clear sight of the path you should take comes into view — and your desires begin to move toward you every time you let go of thought.

Meditation helps you reach the high vibration you’ll need to transition from asking mode and into receiving mode.

And the more regularly you meditate, the more quickly your desires can appear in your life.

4. Meditation Empowers You To Easily Reach The Flow State

Your flow state occurs when you’re in a state of peak focus and productivity — for example, when you’re hard at work or doing something you love.

With our busy lives brimming with distractions, it’s becoming more difficult to stay in the flow state for long periods of time.

Yet, the flow state is essential, allowing us to put our desires into action —  to follow your inspired ideas and put physical energy into the dreams you want to manifest.

The good news? The more regularly you meditate, the easier it becomes to drop into your flow state. You can spend more time taking tangible steps toward your desires without feeling stressed, bored or lethargic.

5. Meditation Makes Your Intuition Stronger

When you start using meditation as part of your manifestation practice, you’ll begin to notice something extraordinary…

Your connection with your higher Self and source energy will grow stronger.

You’ll begin to receive ideas for inspired action that guide you along the path of what you desire most.

And when these ideas pop into your mind? You’ll intuitively identify them as divine guidance — and you’ll have a better understanding of how to move toward whatever you’re manifesting.

As you continue with your meditation practice, you’ll begin to spot signs that you are on the right path — as well as signs of love and encouragement.

These sparks of divine guidance may or may not appear during your meditation practice. You may not even receive inspired thought until you’re moving through your day, hours later.

What Do You Most Want to Manifest?

What are you manifesting? What actionable steps would help you to become aligned with this goal?

Meditation not only emperors you to receive inspired guidance and discern which actions to take — it will also support you in reaching the flow state to help you take those actions with a sense of ease.

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