Each deep breath you take delivers restorative power to your ENTIRE body — lowering your heart rate, regulating blood pressure, helping you relax, and reducing stress…

And if you have allergies, asthma, or a lingering cough or a chest infection,  you may experience difficulty when taking a deep breath…

Thankfully, when you feel the symptoms of congestion or other ailments coming on, you can turn to some classic essential oil powerhouses — to support your immune system and clear your pathways so your respiratory system operates at its full capacity.

Essential oils provide a powerful natural method of soothing the throat, reducing inflammation, and clearing out mucus. Some essential oils ease symptoms of a cough or cold by fighting bacteria, opening nasal passages, or reducing inflammation.

Whether for allergies or an infection, we’re sharing 12 essential oils and essential oil blends to help you breathe a little easier…

1. Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus radiata is known for enhancing the breath — making it suitable for topical application as well as direct inhalation. It’s perfect for supporting the whole family’s vitality and energy during challenging winter months. 

Its powerful properties make eucalyptus oil a star support for direct inhalation or in diffuser therapy whenever the children bring home mucus from school.

Distinguished by a crisp, clean fragrance note, Eucalyptus radiata provides cooling, natural support for deep and clear breathing. 

Rich in cineoles, it’s the most therapeutically versatile of all eucalyptus oils. Studies have found that cineole may help break up mucus and reduce inflammation.

Eucalyptus has a refreshing and stimulating action on the mind, helping to improve concentration, alleviate grief and sorrow — and opening the heart and intellect while equalizing emotions.

2. Rosemary Verbenone Essential Oil

One of the renowned “oils of protection,” Rosemary Verbenone Essential Oil not only clears and decongests the respiratory system — but regenerates and invigorates the entire nervous system, too. 

Like eucalyptus, rosemary contains the compound cineole, which breaks up mucus and reduces inflammation.

Also known as the “Rose of the Sea” it’s a powerful remedy for the entire family when sinuses and lungs are congested. Use it with a diffuser, via direct palm inhalation, or add it to a massage oil or a warm, aromatic bath. 

Warming, clarifying and uplifting, rely on rosemary to enhance mental clarity and to lessen a dull, hazy mind. 

3. Peppermint Essential Oil

There’s a very good reason so many natural care products for respiratory conditions often contain peppermint essential oil…

Peppermint contains menthol, which works as a decongestant — it shrinks the swollen membranes in the nose, making it easier to breathe more deeply. It also loosens mucus that’s collected in the lungs.

Inhale it to experience a cooling sensation that soothes or numbs a scratchy throat. 

Diffuse peppermint in your home or office whenever you need to breathe easier and uplift and clear your mind.

4. Frankincense Serrata Essential Oil 

Among the most widely used of all essential oils (and among the storied family of sacred scents), Frankincense has traditionally been valued for its effect on the respiratory systemused to treat coughs, catarrh, bronchitis, asthma, and more.

Also revered for its powerfully uplifting and clarifying effects on the body and mind, traditional cultures used Frankincense for many thousands of years.

Just sprinkle a few drops on a hot, wet towel and apply it to your chest to open the lungs and enhance deep breathing.

Diffuse it in your home to provide protection for you and your family — it encourages healthy moods as it turns the fragrance of your home into a temple.

5. Tea Tree Essential Oil (Australian)

Australian Aborigines once inhaled crushed tea tree leaves to treat coughs and colds.

Today it’s revered far and wide as an important addition to a home medicine cabinet, especially during the winter months. 

Tea Tree Oil can be applied topically in ointments, salves and compresses. You can diffuse it alone or in combination with eucalyptus and lavender as needed throughout the day — especially when colds and flus are being passed around.

6. Juniper Berry Essential Oil

This fine Hungarian wildcrafted oil is distilled from juniper berries and has cleansing action to help you breathe more easily.

Whether you’re inhaling it directly from the palm or popping it in your diffuser, the richly balsamic and resinous-sweet oil works to support clear breathing, detoxification and cleansing.

7. Bergamot Essential Oil

Bergamot’s bright sweetness is so compelling, it’s been used for centuries in the perfume and confectionery industries. 

This essential oil contains camphene, a compound similar to camphor. When inhaled, camphene has a cooling, refreshing effect on the lungs. Its antioxidant properties may also ward off harmful germs.

Diffuse the beautiful fragrance as a nighttime blend with lavender to promote restful sleep and sweet dreams. Simply adding a drop to the hands with a deep inhalation can help to calm the emotions and lift the spirits.

8. Ginger Essential Oil

Warming, stimulating, and revitalizing, this organic ginger oil promotes easier breathing by opening up airways and diminishing inflammation.

Use ginger in combination with bergamot, above (a drop of each is lovely) to ease breathing difficulties and support healthy energy levels and feelings of wellbeing.

For more comfortable breathing, use a few drops of this powerful oil in your diffuser.

Our organic Ginger Essential Oil is sourced from Madagascar, distilled from fresh ginger roots, washed in the nearby spring as they are harvested, and belongs in every apothecary as a superior supportive tonic.  

9. Silver Fir Essential Oil

Like other conifer oils, silver fir has the ability to assist the lungs — while also easing physical aches and pains.

Possessing a soft, sweetly resinous fragrance, the clean, fresh aroma of silver fir exerts a powerful calming influence, encourages restful sleep, while providing an uplifting and refreshing feeling. 

Keep it in your diffuser nearby during the day to breathe more easily, especially when there may be inhibited flow through the breath channels during the difficult winter months

Bonus: Fir essential oil also promotes mental clarity. 

10. Rose Geranium Essential Oil

Celebrated among perfumers and aromatherapists alike, rose geranium assists in promoting vitality and easier breathing for the entire family.

Studies have reported that geranium extract has a soothing effect on respiratory issues. The cooling, uplifting rose-scented geranium from South Africa has long been adored both for the delicious complexity of its bouquet and for the broad range of its applications. 

Boasting an emphatic, fragrant mix of rose and citrus, this variety of geranium is harvested from the leaves and flowers of the organic Pelargonium roseum plant. Geranium’s versatility as an essential oil is well-known among perfumers and aromatherapists alike. 

Use two drops of rose geranium in direct palm inhalation or in the diffuser to support calm and relaxation and to create a positive and healing space.

11. Cinnamon Essential Oil

Pungent, spicy and warming, cinnamon nourishes and restores the body’s own ability to produce a healing response. 

Like other spices, this oil will help to open the breath and to relieve heaviness and lung discomfort. Diffuse a combination of one drop of cinnamon (and six drops of orange oil, if you’d like) to encourage relaxation and lift your spirits.

12. Forest Essential Oil Blend

Just as the trees purify the air we breathe, removing pollutants and exhaling fresh air, this powerful blend does the same for your lungs… and your living space. 

Our Forest essential oil blend is filled with the fresh coniferous notes of silver fir oil, pine essential oil, pinon pine essential oil, and spruce oil, with a hint of earthy spice from angelica root oil. 

Diffuse this blend to find yourself surrounded by stimulating freshness enlivening your home, body and mind. This diffuser blend can be used effectively for atmospheric purification, especially during the challenging winter months. 

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